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A Guide to Keeping Rabbits Indoors

nosy rabbitRabbits are being kept as indoor pets more and more often now and when looked after properly, can thrive. There are multiple things to consider before getting a house rabbit such as making sure your house is bunny proof, you have the time to put in to initially settle the rabbit in and assessing the veterinary needs of any rabbit as a pet.  They can live up to 10 years in good health and are sociable animals so often thrive better with a companion – usually a neutered male and neutered female together are the best companions. Indoor rabbits are generally found to live longer and be much healthier animals compared to those that live outdoors. They are also usually closer bonded to their owners and a lot more rewarding in their behaviour. They may sit with you for affection more and harass you for food if they are hungry showing more interactive behaviours than that of an outdoor rabbit that can often not be well handled.



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