Abled dog with two legs

Duncan-1Duncan Lou Who is a dog with an inspirational message of hope and ability, in spite of him only having two legs. At 8 weeks old it was decided to amputate his hind legs, given that they were deemed beyond the help of any form of corrective surgery. This all being due to the body defects little Duncan Lou Who had been born with.

He has proven a major success story and his video on the pet rescue’s channel who rescued him has a whopping 968 000 views.

His surgery and recovery hasn’t been without controversy. Amanda Giese, of Panda Paws Rescue in Vancouver, Washington state in the US, said: “For those who said I was an animal abuser for removing his severely deformed legs to give him a chance, for those who sent me hate mail and doubted this boy, suggesting we should just euthanise him – you are wrong. Thank goodness this baby boy landed in our loving home!”.

duncan-lou-1In another media interview Amanda has said: “Duncan is my hero. He will continue to face every obstacle to come with grace and perseverance.”

Little Duncan has his very own  multiple custom wheelchairs he hasn’t felt all that much need to use them. The rescue centre say he has never been in any pain and does everything a four-legged dog can do. Daily physical therapy is undertaken to ensure his spine doesn’t worsen. He’s also given hydrotherapy and massage treatments on a regular basis.

A truly inspirational story we here at VPH feel.

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