nosy rabbit

Big Up to the Bunnies – Our Rabbits and Why We Love Them

Nosy rabbit

Nosy Rabbit


It’s Rabbit Awareness Week so we thought we’d give a little tribute to some of our members’ beloved pets.  Rabbit ownership is on the increase and they are fast becoming one of the most popular pets in the UK and worldwide.  Traditionally thought of as a children’s pet they are now owned by old and young alike.  We speak to three devoted rabbit owners who share their joy at owning these delightful little creatures.


Personal accounts by rabbit owners of their experiences

Lola-Rose owned by Kayleigh Maughan

Why do you think rabbits make such great pets?

I think rabbits make great pets as they are affectionate, intelligent and entertaining, they love to be around their owners and always put a smile on your face.  They can learn how to perform tricks and always want to please their owners, so long as there is a reward in it for them!

What makes them different to cats and dogs

Cats and dogs are both predators, while rabbits are prey animals. Rabbits hide illness so you have to keep a very close eye on them for any changes in their behaviour. Rabbits in general don’t enjoy being held, some will kick and scratch to get down however my rabbit are all fine when being handled. Rabbits also need exercise just like cats and dogs but the area in which they exercise in must be safe from foxes, birds and other animals.

 What makes your rabbit special?

lola rose1Lola-Rose is special as she has reoccurring health problems; she has cataracts in both of her eyes, dental issues and gut problems. None of which effect her though she is always happy! Despite not having the best start to her life she has put everything behind her and grown into a lovely well natured rabbit. Lola-Rose often comes over to me and sits and grooms my face, arms and legs she is a very loving rabbit. Myself & Lola-Rose have a very close bond, I am woken up every morning by her licking my head or jumping on me for her breakfast, if I go into the kitchen guaranteed Lola is right behind me following me. Despite her health problems she’s the best bunny on this planet, she’s trusting, loving, friendly, funny & my best friend, we are rarely seen apart! Its amazing that a rabbit could be so loving and loyal, she’s had such a positive impact on my life I would be lost without her!

 Do you think rabbits have personalities?

lola rose 2Yes!! Lola-Rose is a confident, friendly and cheeky rabbit, when Lola-Rose was younger she would play with my hamster Frankie and let him climb all over her.  She is very human orientated and demands attention, she gets rather grumpy if you ignore her! She is a rather lazy bunny at times and loves to sleep in my bed, I am more than sure she thinks it is her bed though.

What would you say to people thinking of getting a rabbit.

Rabbits are a huge commitment so anyone wanting a rabbit should fully research about them prior to getting one, they can live for 10 years + . Rabbits need vaccinations, neutering and regular health checks at the vets, they can cost a small fortune at the vets if they have health problems.  Rabbits are very social creatures and love to be with each other they will spend most of their day together grooming one another, eating and sleeping together. Rabbits don’t make good pets for children they are complex pets and their owners need to be understanding and calm around them.

Frankie – Owned By Dina Lees

So does Frankie live in a hutch?

frankie rabbitNo, he is house rabbit and he has a run in the side of the living room, he comes and goes as he pleases as we usally leave his run door open. He always wants attention and often comes up to me, my husband and our 9 month old baby for cuddles.

What makes Frankie a good pet?

Frankie is good with the baby and the odd tug doesn’t make him scared.  He is the perfect pet as you can leave him overnight if needs be and he can look after himself (and long as enough food and water is left of course).  In his run he has tunnels and a tent and toys to keep him entertained. If he wants to chill by himself then he goes into his tent, if he wants excercise then he runs around the house. Dogs need to be taken outside, Frankie doesn’t. He is small so easy to take the vet.

Does he have any health problems?

He had his front teeth taken out because they weren’t growing correctly so he can’t bite anything so we don’t have to worry about wires. He manages with his normal food though.  He is trained so well that he knows where to go and where not to and always goes to the toilet in his litter bin. He only needs two jabs a year so doesn’t cost a lot in vet bills either. So he is really well behaved, loves people and cuddles, and can be left for a period of time, it’s perfect!

Louis – Owned by Denise Ritchie

louisWhat makes rabbits different to other pets, say cats and dogs?

Rabbits are very independent, they don’t need to be walked in cold winter mornings/nights like dogs do & they don’t bring in dead mice/birds etc like cats do!!

What do you like about keeping rabbits?

Louis makes me smile when he binkys all round the room & jumps up on my bed to wake me in the morning. Originally I was told Louis was a female so he was called Lucy until last week. Rabbits are so cute & cuddly, they are easy to care for too.. I’m definitely a rabbit enthusiast!!


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