Borrowmydoggy – a dog sharing idea taking the world by storm!

dog-share-1A new concept has popped up over the internet, namely This nifty concept lends itself to sharing your pet dog with people who’d love a pet but for their own reasons aren’t yet ready for one, or other personal reasons why they’d love to partake in a dog share plan.

The programme has you meet prospective part-sharing/caring people with an interest in part looking after your dog and you then deciding whether it’s a suitable match. Kinda like internet dating, only this time it’s your dog!

Safety measures such as your address and mobile number being confirmed place you into safe hands. Set up by Danish Rikke Rosenlund, this concept has proven a mighty success. With an impressive 76,900+ Facebook page subscribers.

Rikka’s idea came to her when she thought: “There must be thousands of adoring dog lovers who, just like me, would love to take care of a dog for free, and would look after the dog really well. We should create a way to put dog-loving people & pooches in touch, as it would make so many people and dogs happy!”.

All subscribed BorrowMyDoggy pooches are covered by third party liability insurance protection, as an additional security measure to the service.

dog-share-2Further to borrowmydoggy’s popularity, articles have appeared in The Guardian, The Independent, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Buzzfeed and a host of other media articles. Pretty impressive stuff, for such a young startup!

Membership fee sign up at a cost of £9.99 for a “borrower” and £44.99 for a dog-owner for a full year’s membership. One of the reasons for its popularity has been the costs of doggie care for busy pet owners who see an alternative to sometimes big costs in having a dog walker. Since starting, the company has gone from 85 initial members to requiring a team of nine full-time employees, including the founders, in order to look after it.

Some borrowers simply don’t have the resources or facilities to keep a pet long term so also consider the idea part-time ownership a viable idea as a way of part having a dog in their lives while not having the sole and full responsibility of dog ownership.

Further business ideas for borrowmydoggy is a veterinary line, for the dog owners and dog borrowers. Even a borrowmydoggy app is available on itunes. The company presently operates in the UK and Ireland, and further plans are underway to further expand the business to a much wider market.

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