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nosy rabbit

Big Up to the Bunnies – Our Rabbits and Why We Love Them

  It’s Rabbit Awareness Week so we thought we’d give a little tribute to some of our members’ beloved pets.  Rabbit ownership is on the increase and they are fast becoming one of the most popular pets in the UK and worldwide.  Traditionally thought of as a children’s pet they are now owned by old and […]

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battery hens

Re-Homing Ex Battery Hens

If you are thinking of keeping chickens then this article is a must read and will give you an insight into rehoming ex-battery farmed hens.   Avid enthusiast Jo Barlow offers this comprehensive step by step guide on how to get started with these wonderful pets. As countless recent media reports will inform us Britain […]

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nosy rabbit

A Guide to Keeping Rabbits Indoors

Rabbits are being kept as indoor pets more and more often now and when looked after properly, can thrive. There are multiple things to consider before getting a house rabbit such as making sure your house is bunny proof, you have the time to put in to initially settle the rabbit in and assessing the […]

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rabbit shop pic

E. Cuniculi (Encephalitozoon cuniculi) infection in rabbits

Encephalitozoon cuniculi is a complicated disease affecting rabbits, which can cause a wide variety of health problems and can also be present in seemingly healthy rabbits. It is a disease that all rabbit owners should be aware of due to its potential to have a serious impact on the health and welfare of rabbits.   […]

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cobbler the rabbit 2

A Tribute to Cobbler the Rabbit

Our thoughts and prayers are with Katie Finn, the owner of Cobbler the rabbit.  Cobbler, a handsome Dwarf Lionhead bunny sadly passed away recently at the young age of 4 years old.   (more…)

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light sussex chickens

Red Mite in Chickens

This article, written by poultry expert Tim Daniels, describes the common parasite of chickens Red Mite. One of the biggest problems of poultry keepers and if left untreated, these infections can spread amongst birds rapidly with potential fatal consequences.  Find out how to identify this troublesome parasite and how to eradicate it! (more…)

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collecting eggs

A Guide to Keeping Chickens

This week our featured article is all about keeping chickens.  Growing in popularity with both town and country folk… we thought we’d find an expert to give you an overview of what it entails to keep chickens.  Our author Tim Daniels has been keeping poultry for years and runs a poultry information website.   Now […]

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How to feed your hamster…

Feeding In the wild hamsters collect their food early evening and during the night always ensuring they are safely tucked up in their burrows during the daylight period. Whilst foraging the hamsters will make many trips to find their food and each time they will fill their pouches to bursting point before returning to their […]

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g.pig buds

Give your guinea pig a friend…

Like most small animals guinea pigs like to live in communities as they would in the wild.However much love and attention you give your pet you cannot compensate for one of its own kind. Choosing a companion for your pet If you don’t want a lot of little guinea pigs get a companion of the […]

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Guinea Pig Dental Care

Health warning signs to look out for… To ensure your guinea pig is in the best of health weigh him once a month and keep a note of his weight.Weight loss can be the first sign of illness. Watch out for a continually wet chin, chronic wasting and small or no faeces. Make sure that […]

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