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Home of Dorothy Harland

Extreme Pet Hoarders

An emerging story of Dorothy Harland, founding member of the Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) based near Ripon, North Yorkshire, shows an animal lover who took to hoarding pets in her own home. Three dogs and four cats were found, after police and the RSPCA services had entered Ms Harland’s home. Service staff had to […]

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creative fish bowl

Unique and unusual pet Christmas presents

We’ve dug into the world of pet festive presents for the season and found some fantastic pieces which certainly step outside the box of convention. Certainly helps on your way to impressing your pet with a gift that makes our little (sometimes even bigger!) ones feel loved and appreciated. (more…)

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Chimere – luxury brand pet furniture

Chimere is a company which founded by Frederic Stouls and Marc Ange, is the first publisher of contemporary furniture dedicated to pets.  Founded by ex banker Frederic Stouls and and designer Marc Ange, they together have set up a dynamic business which aspires to tap into the niche of the $60 Billion US pet market. […]

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burnt paws.jpg

Burnt Paws in the Summer Heat Wave

Beware of walking dogs in the midday sun warns TV vet Paul Manktelow on ITV’s This Morning. Owners are being told not to walk their dogs during the heatwave due to the risk burnt paws. Walk them early in the morning or in the evening. Whilst many owners know that taking dogs out at midday […]

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Planning for your pet’s birthday party

Here are a few ideas for creating a visually and pet nasal appealing party which will not be forgotten by the pet attendee or indeed their owners!  Our pets have come to mean so much in our lives that reason to celebrate their big part they play in our lives is more than adequate to […]

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glitter paw blu

Glitter Tag Giveaway

Our friends at K9 have given us 10 of these fantastic glitter tags for our June giveaway. All you have to do to win is to think of a name for this cute little character. (more…)

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Meet the Vital Pet Health Experts

The Vital Pet Health team is made up of experts from around the globe.  They have been selected to represent a number of key disciplines including veterinary surgeons, behaviourists, nutritionists, physiotherapists and many others.  Their credentials ensure that the content on the Vital Pet Health website is the most accurate and up to date pet health information that the […]

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Cookies Laws

What Are Cookies? A cookie is a small file that is downloaded onto your computer when you visit a website.  It allows us to recognize and tailor our site to you and it won’t harm your computer. (more…)

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