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Cat torn apart by hunt dogs on Saturday..

A Kircubbin woman has called for the hunting laws in Northern Ireland to be changed after her cat was killed by dogs from the North Down hunt. This is the second time we have found stories of such tragic events taking place during this hunting period. (more…)

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Cats remembered for their wartime efforts…

  This Veterans Day, recognised four veteran cats who have served with the armed forces. The four cats honored include Crimean Tom, a mascot adopted by English soldiers in the mid 1800s. During wartime, Russian troops stored hidden food beneath rubble piles and this cat helped the French and English Troops uncover the nourishment. (more…)

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a5-portraint-4 puppy

Top ten most dangerous exotic pets…

On Sunday in the UK there was the BBC’s latest Louis Theroux investigation into America’s most dangerous pets. The show highlighted the love that some people have for these wild and exotic animals yet It became clear that big cats such as Tigers are being given away by their owners as unwanted pets. The show […]

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Fighting pet food contamination…..

Pet food contamination better watch out! A new federal program in the States is leading the way with the battle against contaminated pet food. In the past, outbreaks have been really difficult to manage as information about cases has not been able to be pieced together fast enough to stop other pets from suffering. (more…)

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