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An Owners Guide To Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is big business and we are constantly bombarded with advertisements for different sorts of policies for our pets. This can be a bit confusing and the reasons behind the costs of pet insurance can sometimes be a bit baffling. This article aims to enlighten the reader as to why pet insurance works how […]

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Study’s out – keeping a pet keeps you fitter/younger!

According to , pets not only keep people active but they also make them mentally fitter. Researcher Dr Zhiqiang Feng is reported as saying: “It is well known that pet ownership may help alleviate feelings of loneliness and depression in older people, but one area that has received little attention is the effect of dog ownership […]

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Who gets the dog?

Pets have become part and parcel of the family in many UK homes. The pertinent question in the case of a divorce being the custody of the pets. A survey in 2011 in the UK revealed that 20 per cent of separating couples with pets have sought legal advice and fought for custody of their […]

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Puppies with green hue just been born in Spain

A pair of hunting dog breeders in the Spanish town of Laguna de Duero were astounded to see a litter of five pups born, two of which quite evidently had a green tinge to their coat.  The puppies were born on 3 June. “I thought the puppies were dirty and tried to clean them, but the colour […]

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Are pet weight reduction campaigns working?

We hear about pet obesity via the media. Figures from the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association show a staggering 45% of dogs in Britain being overweight. Cat proportions sit at a weightly 40%. While 28% of rabbits in Britain and even 15% of pet birds are overfed. In contrast 66% of pet owners in Britain feel […]

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London Pet Show

London Pet Show – 17th – 18th May 2014

Ben Fogle, Steve Backshall and Chris Packham join 450 animals at biggest ever London Pet Show Meet a menagerie of more than 450 animals at the biggest ever London Pet Show, which takes place at Earls Court One on 17 and 18 May, open 9h30am – 5pm. As well as hundreds of dog and cat […]

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Jack the Saluki kept in cage

Extreme Pet Hoarders

An emerging story of Dorothy Harland, founding member of the Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) based near Ripon, North Yorkshire, shows an animal lover who took to hoarding pets in her own home. Three dogs and four cats were found, after police and the RSPCA services had entered Ms Harland’s home. Service staff had to […]

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pets in floods

Floods and your pets – recent events and ways of coping

In the past few months, flood waters have been rising faster than predictions. Entire towns and villages have become cut off from civilisation and rescue teams have had to work hard to rescue people and their pets from the top floors of houses, often only accessible by powerboat.   (more…)

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Puppy Farm 1

The dangers of buying a puppy online

The Internet: we can buy and sell anything as we please, generally with the quick click of a mouse. Many people are now trying to take advantage of this by selling puppies to consumers with no details of their previous history; current medical conditions or their mother’s breeding background. Even worse, these details are being […]

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dog rabies

Rabies – a reemerging scare

Following recent outbreaks of rabies in Eastern Europe, the UK is being encouraged to re-evaluate its quarantine rules. Although the UK is currently considered low risk for the transmission of rabies to humans by the World Health Organisation, Eastern European countries are considered high risk due to a higher prevalence of rabies in animals.   […]

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