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Your Frequently Asked Pet Problems – Cats and Urination

Some of the most common questions we get on our Ask the Vet Forums are from cat owners who are worried about their pet’s urination.  Bladder and urine problems in cats are common and range from stress related cystitis, urine marking and the more serious and potentially fatal blocked bladder.  Read the top advice from […]

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Flea Season is Here

So with the summer comes a surge in parasite activity and our not so welcome guests – the common flea. Here’s some great background information on these nasty little creatures Fleas are a problem both because of the effects they have on their hosts and in their ability to carry and spread disease.  Dogs and […]

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June Is National Microchipping Month

Every year thousands of animals go missing and due to lack of identification they are lost to their owners forever and never reunited.  Throughout June many vets and animal welfare organisations will be offering pet owners incentives to get their pet microchipped and urging owners to ensure that existing microchips have got the most up […]

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Live Vet Session Every Saturday – Free Veterinary Advice

Today Vital Pet Health have announced they will be holding live vet sessions every saturday until the end of summer 2012. This free service is proving invaluable for pet owners who have questions or concerns about their pet’s health but are unsure whether they need a trip to the vets.   (more…)

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Animal suffering case – 300hrs + £2,700 fine….

    A couple in the West Midlands sold a “crippled” pet monkey rather than take it to a vet. The couple have been disqualified from keeping animals for life and have been ordered to conduct 300hrs of unpaid work plus, pay a £2,700 fine.   The RSPCA, which has called for the keeping of […]

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scared cat london riots

UK Riots- some pet care advice

    The recent UK riots have been terrifying for both owners and pets alike.  If your unlucky enough to be in or near a riot hot spot then you may need to make special provisions for your pets.Here is some advice from our experts on how to minimise your pet’s stress during this time. […]

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How to feed your guinea pig…..

The diet you feed your guinea pig is of the utmost importance. There are a large number of commercial foods on the market and whilst these foods contain the right nutrients, they do not have enough dietary fibre which can lead to obesity and dental problems which can both shorten your guinea pig’s life.   […]

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a5-portraint-pug portrait

8 tips to pick the perfect pet name

Picking the name of your new pet is a really fun choice the family can make together. The chances are that our children make the choice yet as it’s the adults shouting to the neighbours late into the night let’s hope it is not as embarrassing as our little ones may realise. Here are 8 […]

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