Doggy Rules for Play with Other Dogs

Dogs love to play with other dogs and as long as your dogs are friendly and well socialised then this would be an excellent exercise for them. It is vitally important that you choose the area carefully and assess its safety before you allow dogs to play there. It is also essential that your dog is obedient in times where control is needed.

Dog etiquette

Some parks have designated dog play areas.  When using such areas or other places where there may be many dogs, the following rules must be adhered to.

  • Watch all dogs playing carefully, at the first sign of trouble you must intervene
  • Children should not be responsible for dogs playing together. Adult supervision is essential
  • Dog faeces should be picked up and disposed of immediately.
  • Ensure your dog comes to you when called.  Practice this often and reward them with treats.
  • Do not bring your dog’s favourite toy to the park to play with unless they are good at sharing.
  • Be vigilant and watch for any signs of trouble. Learn to recognise the signs of trouble and confrontation (stiff walk, growling, stiff or slowly wagging tail, showing of teeth)
  • If these signs occur then call your dog immediately in a happy voice


  • Never attempt to reach between the dogs who are fighting- you run the risk of getting seriously bitten.
  • Try and throw water, blankets or coats over the dogs.
  • If you must attempt separation then grab one of the dogs hind legs while someone does the same to the other dog
  • Be careful when pulling the dog that it does not turn to bite you.
  • Once the dogs are separated get them as far from each other as possible and as quickly as possible
  • For dogs who repeatedly fight then behavioural advice should be sought.

If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs then you might consider the use of a distraction device such as pet corrector or dog stop.

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