English Springer Spaniel Welfare

This week we are focussing on a beautiful breed of dog and a charity that is going to need our support this year. The English Springer Spaniel is an amazing companion to many throughout the country yet unfortunately the welfare has already had to re-home 47 Spaniels already this year. Sandy Waldon the Hon chairman has told us that this figure represents half the number they helped to re-home for 2010.

English Springer Spaniel Welfare was formed in 1990 and is both recognised by the Kennel Club and is a registered charity. It is run by volunteers, all of whom own or have owned English Springers.  

If you have an interest in this lovely breed you can become a member of the charity and assist them in their aims by fund-raising, fostering/kennelling dogs in transit or by training to become a helper to one of our rehoming co-ordinators. Visit www.essw.co.uk to find out how to get involved with such a worthy cause.

As with all charities, English Springer Spaniel Welfare are reliant on our members and supporters helping us out with fundraising ideas.

If you can hold a coffee morning, a charity hair cut or grooming day, or
a sponsored walk on our behalf let us know about it and we can help publicise it for you by listing it on www.essw.co.uk


ESSW Aims and objectives are:

  • To support the prevention of maltreatment and cruelty to English Springers and in particular encourage responsible ownership.
  • To find suitable adopters for English Springers whose owners are unable to rehome them themselves.
  • To give advice to ESS owners having problems coping with their dogs.
  • To raise funds through donations, subscriptions and fund-raising events to cover our costs.
  • To encourage responsible practices in the breeding of English Springers.


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