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The list of important things to remember when owning either a cat or a dog, including getting a new puppy or kitten for the first time, is vast and it is often a real challenge to simply remember when to do most things. Not any more!

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Mucky Pup and Purrfect Paws, two great new apps available for download from the Apple App Store, provide the perfect tools for managing all aspects of your furry friends’ health and general wellbeing. Both apps, which are currently available for free, have been developed by vet, Chris Queen (author of Vet School: My Foot In The Door, published by Quintessential Publishing) and new dog owner and app developer, Sean Fane, and with huge input from various pet owners and experts in their respective fields, to create the ultimate user-friendly, fun and practical tool available to pet owners in the UK.

With a list of features that covers everything a pet owner could possibly need when caring for their animals, Mucky Pup and Purrfect Paws are changing the way we manage our pets.


The main features of the apps are:

  • Lost Dog & Cat – it is every pet owner’s worst nightmare for their pet to go missing. With Mucky Pup and Purrfect Paws you can, at the push of a button, send an alert to other users in a specified local area and a full-feature lost pet poster, complete with selected photos of your pet, to key contacts, including local vets, kennels, groomers, pet sitters and more. Working in conjunction with Petlog, the UK’s biggest pet microchip database, if your pet’s microchip is registered with Petlog Premium then the apps will automatically alert Petlog of your pet’s missing status. This feature dramatically increases the chances of being reunited with your best friend.

  • ‘Bark’ & ‘Purr’ – share selected information about each of your pets with friends or carers by wirelessly ‘barking’ or ‘purring’ the data between two devices, using Bluetooth technology.

  • Automatic reminders for vaccination, worming, flea treatment, and more – Mucky Pup and Purrfect Paws automatically schedules reminders and summarises key healthcare information to ensure that your pet never misses a booster, worming treatment, or other important healthcare events. It will even remind you when your pet insurance is up for renewal!

  • Pet Summary – each pet has a summary screen where all of their key healthcare information is displayed for quick reference, eg when at the vets. This is also where you will find the Lost Dog and Lost Cat feature and your pet’s own, personal photo gallery.

  • Contacts – search for, store and contact your pets’ key contacts, including your nearest vet, using the apps’ fantastic contacts feature, which can be customised for each individual pet.

  • Photo Gallery – store, view and share your favourite pictures of your pets, or perhaps even of your dog or cats’ best friends!

  • Health – keep a record of and receive reminders of your pets’ important treatments and other healthcare information, such as details of any allergies.

  • Walk Tracker – see where, how far and for how long you and your dog walk and share with your friends using Twitter and Facebook.

  • Information and advice from pet experts – from advice on training your dog to information on a host of veterinary issues, Mucky Pup and Purrfect Paws provide access to some of the best information available to dog and cat owners.

….. and much more!

“We wanted to create a tool that empowered pet owners to manage their animals to the very highest standards and provide peace of mind when it came to things like remembering vaccination dates or when the next dose of wormer is due. With the busy, hectic lives we all lead these days, it is easy to let things like this slip. This needn’t be a problem anymore with both Mucky Pup and Purrfect Paws providing a simple, all-in-one tool for pet owners.” Chris Queen MRCVS, co-developer of Mucky Pup and Purrfect Paws.

Mucky Pup

Mucky Pup is available for download from the Apple App Store:

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Purrfect Paws

Purrfect Paws is available for download from the Apple App Store:

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