have you ever thought of pet fostering..?

There are several animal welfare organisations and charities that run pet fostering projects. The schemes are an ideal way to experience what it would be like to take on a pet that requires a home yet without the long term commitment. The schemes are a fantastic way to help out if you are unable to take on an animal for a long period of time or you are considering taking on a rescue yet are unsure about the change to your life and whether your lifestyle is suitable in order to provide a safe and loving home for these distressed animals. 


There are two types of pet foster schemes:

Owned animals

This type of fostering is where an animal needs to leave its owner for a short period of time. This is usually due to personal circumstances beyond their control: Hospital stay, eviction or an accident. The animal is fostered out to a loving home until the owner can get back to normality and provide the suitable home they had once before.

Unfortunately domestic violence is a large reason why foster homes are needed. Thousands of women remain in abusive relationships as their pets cannot be taken into a refuge and may need to be euthanized as a result. Remaining in these challenging circumstances can be dangerous for owner and pet alike as a lot of the abuse ends up directed at the animal as another means of attack. By creating more foster homes around the country we will be able to give women and their pets a reason to build up the courage to leave once and for all.

The following projects have been set up specifically for domestic violence: Safe Haven Project and Dogs Trust Domestic Violence Fostering

Homeless animals

The second type of fostering is for homeless animals who struggle to cope with living in a rescue centre. Many animals have been neglected to such a degree that the confinement and stress levels that they may be subjected to within a centre is just too much. Having the option of allowing these homeless animals a familiar environment to recover in can mean that their true personality is found once more ensuring when a suitable owner is found they show their true potential as a loving companion.

Another benefit of short term fostering for rescue centres is that the kennel space is opened up so even more animals can be taking in for care. Most organisations will require foster carers to be home based or not to leave a foster dog for longer than four hours at a time. You will probably have to sign a legal form agreeing to return the animal when a home is found.

For more information please contact your local rescue centre for details…..

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