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Media-The Beauty and the Beast

Over the years the media has been an extremely important medium for the pet industry.  However, as with most things, there are two sides to the power it can wield and how it has affected our pet and veterinary industries.

The Beauty…..

Generally most people will only be able to name the benefits of the Media’s role particularly as it is so influential in todays world.

Without the far reaching power of the media it is fair to say that change and development would be localised, inconsistent and ill-informed. Charities would struggle to obtain the necessary funds to meet their growing demands and rehoming centres would have a much higher rate of euthanasia in healthy animals.

Media outlets are used to help promote awareness of the developments within the Veterinary and Pet industries. It is also responsible for informing the public of charities and causes and has hugely improved the way we care for our pets.

The Beast…..

Whilst the Media is responsible for so much good when it comes to the industry, it has instigated and resulted in surges of pet or breed popularity, and once the “fad” passes, large numbers of unwanted pets. This has in turn then led to unscrupulous breeding, exploitive puppy farming and illegal importation of non-indigenous species.

Here are some examples of where this has occurred;

  • The original 1972 Andrex advert featuring Labrador puppies. There followed a huge demand for the breed leading to poor breeding practices and subsequently many dogs that were no longer wanted once they became adults.
  • The introduction of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 1984 led to huge numbers of parents buying terrapins or turtles as pets for their children. Unfortunately this high demand led to many being illegally imported and subsequently most new owners were ill educated on how to care for them correctly.

TV Vet Paul Manktelow Paul’s Points-Sadly there are several other examples where negative-impact trends have been influenced by the Media. Therefore, it is important before considering any new pet, that you are fully aware of all the demands and needs they require, and that you purchase from reputable breeders every time.

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