OCPIN – The New Identity Tag for Dogs

Paw’tection for Pets! 

Working in the same manner as OCPIN’S personal property tags, OCPIN pet ID Tags protect the identity of the owner as well as helping to make it easier for people to report found pets.

OCPINFully compliant with the “Control of dogs order 1992” the OCPIN Tags carry a unique code that anonymously link the details of the owner to the Tag. Personal details registered with OCPIN are not passed on to anyone other than the Police, Dog Wardens or Vets and only then, once their identity has been proven.

At OCPIN the desire is to be more than just another pet ID Tag. To this end OCPIN are working with the award winning company DogLost www.doglost.co.uk who help to reunite lost pets cats and dogs yes cats too with their rightful owner. DogLost although not a charity, rely on donations and is run by volunteers. Helping people to find lost pets for over 10 years, they have access to over 60,000 volunteers in the UK who can assist. OCPIN makes a donation to DogLost for every pet Tag purchased.

The Tag available in 3 sizes for dog collars, 1”, 0.75” and 0.5” width is made of surgical grade stainless steel and sits directly on the collar of the pet. No dangling Tag to get caught. Cat Tags come in one size to fit collars up to 0.5” width.

How does it work?


Once purchased owners go to the ocpin.com/pet website to register their Tags, the pet Tag and the FREE Premium Tag. Basic details are registered with us. On completion they are taken to the DogLost website where they complete registration of the Pet Tag, providing information such as basic medical information, additional contact details, OCPIN Tag number, microchip number if fitted, photo of the pet (used to create posters if lost) and more.

Lost Pet

If an owner loses a pet they go to the OCPIN website and select the lost pet option. Here they can provide details of the Tag, date and location the pet was lost. DogLost will then contact local volunteers who will assist in finding the lost pet. This includes assistance such as putting up posters within a 30 mile radius of where the pet was lost, as well as assisting in looking for the pet. This is provided free of charge.

Found Pet

When a lost pet is found, the finder can call the found pet number or report the find on the pet website. They will provide basic contact details such as name, contact number and address. The owner’s details will not be passed on to the finder. Within minutes the owner will receive an automated SMS text and or email informing them that their pet has been found. DogLost will also contact both the owner and finder to facilitate the reunion of pet and owner.

Key Benefits

There are a number of key benefits to the OCPIN Pet ID Tags these are just a few:

  1. The Tag protects the identity of the owner. Fully meeting the “Control of Dogs Order 1992” there is no longer a need for owners to display their own contact details. Those living alone or the vulnerable do not need to worry about strangers turning up on their doorstep
  2. Access to over 60,000 volunteers in the UK to assist in finding lost pets
  3. Automatic notification by text or email to notify owners when their pet is found
  4. A global product OCPIN Pet ID Tags work around the world 24×7 every day of the year.

For more details go to www.ocpin.com/pets

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