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The Pet Rabbit – 15 things you should know….

Around the world rabbits are seen as the perfect pets. Lively characters with a playful nature can mean that they bring big personalities into a home. Combine an inquisitive and affectionate nature with the huge variety in breeds, colours and coat types. It is no wonder why there are an estimated 1 million pet rabbits in the UK making up the third most popular pet.

Rabbits are mammals which belong to the Lagomorph order that also includes Hares and Pikas (Lagomorph means ‘hare-shaped’). They are similar to rodents as they also have incisor teeth that continually grow. Rabbits are most active at dawn and dusk, often napping during the day. They are herbivores (plant eating) and have high reproductive rates.


15 things you should know….

  1. Rabbits are the only animal that can produce 10 times their own weight in one year.
  2. The largest litter of rabbits was 26 (24 survived).
  3. There are at least 180 breeds of rabbits. With Lop rabbits having the most.
  4. Rabbits normally weigh between 2 and 11 pounds.
  5. The heaviest rabbit on record weighed 23 pounds.
  6. The highest amount paid for one rabbit was $5,000. It was a New Zealand White.
  7. Rabbit meat is an all-white meat that is lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken, beef, and pork.
  8. Breeding potential for rabbits starts after 3 to 4 months of life.
  9. Rabbit fur is lighter and warmer than any other animal.
  10. When rabbits are born they have no smell. This is to protect them from predators.
  11. Rabbits do not hibernate.
  12. On average, a pet rabbit lives between 10 to 12 years.
  13. Rabbits are social creatures and need a companion for maximum health.
  14. As a group rabbits are called a herd. They live in a warren.
  15. Rabbit droppings make some of the best manure in the world.

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