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The Wolf Within Project – An Innovative Behaviour Programme for Problem Kids and Dogs

nigel hall with dogThe Wolf Within is a course that teaches ‘problem’ students how to correct ‘problem’ dogs. The idea was the brainchild of dog behaviourist and the projects founder Nigel Reed. Students learn about wolf pack dynamics and how our dogs’ wolf ancestry still influences their behaviour today. When they understand the needs of dogs, they learn how to effectively fulfil them for the dog which in turn corrects all unwanted behaviours like biting and aggression. The information learnt from the course will be used by the students and Nigel to help distressed dog owners in London.

But, it’s not just the emotional wellbeing of dogs and their owners that The Wolf Within improves. Students gain insight into their own behaviour. They learn how to tackle problems in their own lives like lack of motivation, aggression and bullying. They learn the importance of effective communication, body language and cooperation through the real life metaphors on the course.

nigel and kidsNigel claims it was through understanding a kind way to teach dogs by understanding a basic psychology that had a profound effect on the way he viewed the world.   He said: “When I was younger I didn’t have a clear focus or understand what was expected of me. After I started studying dog behaviour I began to understand more about myself. I learnt more about self-control and how to deal with difficult situations. Through The Wolf Within courses I want to help young people who might be in a similar situation.”

“The Wolf Within helps tackle two problems. It tackles the problem of badly behaved dogs who are too often confused by the world they live in. It also helps young people who, for whatever reason, need some guidance in learning how to be happy, successful and responsible adults.”


the wolf within project

This article was written by Vital Pet Health’s dog behaviour expert Nigel Reed

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