TV Vet At The National Pet Show 2017

Last weekend saw our busy TV vet Paul back at the annual National Pet Show. This time hosted by London’s Excel Centre, the National Pet Show is a fantastic event that is hosted twice a year. Typically this fun-filled, information-packed show is held in Birmingham NEC around November and again in London’s Excel in May.

We caught up with our TV Vet Paul Manktelow to ask him what attracts him to this event and his highlights of the weekend.

What is the National Pet Show all about Paul?

“The National Pet Show provides the fantastic opportunity to showcase all different types of pets and what they mean to us as their owners. It is about professionals and owners coming together to share information, inspiration and elevating the pet owning experience. The exhibitors have a strong educational focus which is vital in improving how we care for our pets”.

You gave a number of talks over the weekend, can you tell us more about that?

“For the last couple of years I have given a talk on canine communication on behalf of PDSA. It is a very popular talk and has always been greatly received. The aim is to educate people on how to recognise and interpret what our canine companions are trying to say to us. Around 77% of dog bites happen within the home from family dogs that are simply misunderstood. Most of these incidents can be avoided completely if owners can recognise when their dog is uncomfortable or anxious”.

Did you discover any exciting new products this year that you would like to share with us?

“Every year I discover something new and exciting. This year I found a gem for guinea pigs. The company is called HayPigs and they provide unique and playful enrichment for these delightful small furries. I love companies that bring a sense of fun to pet ownership and this is exactly what they do. Visit their website Haypigs!.  I was also part of the huge team at PDSA educating owners about our new VetCare range which is a range of supplements and health products used by our vets in the PDSA hospitals.  We sold out in the middle of day two though so there were a few disappointed people who couldn’t get their hands on them!”

You presented a very special award over the weekend, what is it that makes this award so significant?

“The award I present is called the Heroic Hounds award, which was established by the PDSA. It is a very special award for dogs who have had a huge impact on their owners lives. It focuses on the extraordinary things dogs are capable of for their owners. One award went to Clare and her dog Griffin. Clare has complex health conditions that limit her ability to do every day tasks. With the help of the charity Canine Partners, Griffin has had a huge impact on Clare’s day to day life. He can load and unload the washing machine, answer the phone, open and close doors…..even flush the toilet. The list of his talents is endless. More importantly though Griffin provides unlimited love and the way they care for each other is as inspiring as it is remarkable”.

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