Boarding Kennels and Catteries-How To Guide

Not all pets are able to travel with us every time we need to take a leave of absence, whether it be a holiday or family event. On those occasions it can be confusing about what and where our pets should go to be safely cared for during that time.

Here is our quick guide on how and what to do:

  • Firstly never leave it to last minute to source a kennels or cattery. They book up faster than you think especially during peak times such as summer holidays and Christmas. 
  • When emergencies occur it is best, if possible, to have a friend or family member familiar with your pet(s) on standby that can readily step in.
  • Most kennels and catteries require your pet to be fully vaccinated, de-flead and wormed prior to booking in. They will usually ask to see the vaccination card. Make sure you have everything up to date including their medical card-replacements can be got from your usual vets.
  • Anxious pets, particularly cats who are very reliant on familiar surroundings, may benefit from a pet sitter who can stay in the house or visit a couple of times a day. A familiar face is ideal but if this is not possible ask your vet for the details of recommended and insured pet/house sitters. Some veterinary staff, generally nurses, also provide this service out of work. This is ideal for pets with special healthcare requirements.
  • Always leave emergency contact details and the details of your Vet with whoever is caring for your pet(s).
  • If your pet is on medications make sure you leave clear instructions and ensure you have enough for the duration of your absence.
  • When boarding your pet it is best to provide or inform them of their usual diet. Provide bedding or toys from home and with cats provide the same type of litter that they are used too. Exercise requirements or restrictions should also be clearly communicated.
  • Nutraceuticals with calming properties, such as Nutracalm, could be considered. This applies in particular to first time boarders or nervous pets.
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