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dog confrontation

Avoiding confrontations between dogs

As dogs’ guardians, it is our job to ensure their safety at all times. The urban environment has an abundance of threats which could compromise our dogs’ safety including traffic on the roads, dangerous objects and parks from which they can escape. Whilst these examples are potentially dangerous, most owners have their own dogs under […]

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dog biting

Understanding dog behaviour

Traditionally, being anthropomorphic (attributing human emotions to animals) has been frowned upon in scientific circles. However, in the last decade, a field of study known as ethology has allowed us to be able to discuss how animals might think and feel, and make some careful interpretations on how dogs see the world around them, based […]

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scared puppy

Fireworks stress – how to help our pets

In recent years the cost of fireworks has fallen considerably while the availability and variety of these explosive products has seen a sharp rise.  These recent changes are very worrying for owners as it means terrifying nights for our pets are on the increase. Neighbours who put on fireworks displays may entertain the local residents […]

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dog nipping

Nipping and biting

Mouthing, nipping, biting is wholly unacceptable as a puppy or adult – dogs jaws are strong and there may be a time when they put too much pressure on and hurt. Especially important if you have or come into contact with children. Remember mouthing the wrong person could be construed as a bite and then […]

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Tips for introducing a new dog to other dogs......

Tips for introducing a new dog to other dogs……

If you require a car journey in order to get back to the house make sure they are separated from one another during the journey. On returning to the family home allow the new dog the chance to go into the garden first for an investigation. Allow both dogs the opportunity to run around together […]

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Proposed changes to the law after 18,364 dog attacks since 2010

18 364 people have been hospitalised for injuries sustained by dog attacks, since 2010, this figure excludes lesser attacks of people ending up in casualty from a dog attack.  The government has only recently proposed an amendment to Dangerous Dogs Act to cover attacks on private properties.  Ministers have proposed life sentences for owners of […]

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How to bond with your dog with grooming and massage

Grooming and massage should be a daily occurrence even if your dog has very short hair. It is a great way of spending prime relaxing time with him. Get the dog used to this at a very early age then it won’t become an issue for you or the dog. With puppies, they will initially […]

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