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Doggy Friendly Christmas Cookies

It is coming up to the last Christmas shopping weekend that you can go out and buy your loved ones gifts. This includes your family pets. Instead of buying them something tasty to enjoy, why not bake these festive doggy-friendly Christmas cookies instead!! Yummy Pumpkin and Peanut butter cookies. Ingredients 3 cups/420 grammes of Whole […]

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Treats-The Do’s and Don’ts!!

When it comes to rewarding our furry friends what is it you use to treat your fido or felix? With pet obesity being a real problem in this country as well as abroad it’s no surprise that many of us are guilty of spoiling our pets in the wrong way. It is key to remember […]

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Aiding in the mobility of our elderly pets

As with ourselves in our golden years, our pets too can show signs of slowing down as they reach their dotage. Generally the most common cause of their decreased mobility is through the degeneration of joint tissue, which in turn can then lead to arthritis. Arthritis is, in summary, a condition that describes stiffness, inflammation […]

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Nature’s Vet – hypo-allergenic dog food

A new range of hypo-allergenic dog food has been launched by Nature’s Vet.  The Nature’s Vet brand was created to provide healthy pet food to help alleviate diet related health issues. This can mean less time and money spent dealing with preventable symptoms, such as skin or digestion problems, which can be caused by feeding […]

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WOOF & BREW Healthy Herbal Dog Teas

News Release WOOF & BREW Healthy Herbal Dog Teas The team at WOOF & BREW have set tongues and tails wagging by launching a range of healthy herbal dog teas. Their unique biodegradable pyramid doggy tea bags contain high quality loose leaf herbal blends, that have been designed and blended specifically for dogs and are […]

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The Truth About Treats

Dogs love treats!!  And owners love to give them!! However, the calories in these tasty little morsels can soon add up.  Treats are a major contributing factor to obesity in pets so Vital Pet Health’s team of animal health experts have got together to educate you about what’s good and what’s not. (more…)

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Natural Home made and Raw Food Diets for Dogs

The pet food industry has exploded over the last few decades.  Shelves are bursting with products that have appeared in countless varieties and flavours. All these foods claim to be balanced, nutritious and tasty, essential for a healthy and happy pet. The clever marketing campaigns try and convince you which food your pet would choose […]

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Feeding your Dog

The History of Dog food Long gone are the days when pet owners fed their dogs on left-overs and scraps from the table.  As more and more information becomes available today’s pet owners are more demanding in terms of meeting their pet’s nutritional needs.  This has fuelled the creation of a massive pet food industry […]

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Vital Pet Health’s article library provides you with a wealth of information on a range of dog related topics whether it be dog healthcare, dog nutrition, dog diseases or  information on the latest dog products. Our team of independent pet health experts are constantly updating our articles so you can be sure your getting the […]

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