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Herbal Products for Eye Health and Tear Staining

It is often said that the eyes reflect the health of the body and certainly clear, shiny healthy eyes are a good indicator of general health and give that extra sparkle to the overall appearance. While any serious problem, or one that continues over a period, always needs veterinary investigation there are things the owner […]

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Tips on caring for older dogs…

Just like with humans dogs can age differently. Most will take less exercise and start putting on weight. Some dogs will become friendlier and want to spend more time with the family while others may want to be alone and become grumpier. Anxiety can be the cause of some behaviour changes. As their hearing and […]

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Tips for caring for a dog that has vomiting and diarrhoea….

The advice that follows is designed to be after care once your dog has been seen by a vet and is under veterinary treatment. Causes Both vomiting and diarrhoea can be common in dogs. They can develop the problems from infections, leftovers or scavenging. The temptation to give leftovers is a common cause, avoid where […]

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Tips for leaving a dog at home alone…..

Leaving a dog alone can in some instances create separation anxiety. This can lead to your dog demonstrating problematic behaviour. Anxiety can be prevented by following some simple steps, this will hopefully leave your pet feeling more confident and happy. The reasons why dogs develop problematic behaviour when separated from their owner can vary greatly. […]

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First Aid for Dogs

You can never predict an emergency but you can always be prepared. Remember First Aid can save lives! Keep your First Aid kit well stocked and familiarise yourself with the emergency plans below. Our vets have put together an A-Z guide of some of the most common emergencies you are likely to encounter. (more…)

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Dental Care for your dog

Dental disease is one of the most common problems that veterinary surgeons face in practice.  It can start in animals as young as two years old and progress as the animal ages.  Severe forms of dental disease can result in infections through the body and even kidney and liver disease.  The most common form of […]

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Vital Pet Health’s article library provides you with a wealth of information on a range of dog related topics whether it be dog healthcare, dog nutrition, dog diseases or  information on the latest dog products. Our team of independent pet health experts are constantly updating our articles so you can be sure your getting the […]

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