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Meditation For Dogs

Meditation and me I’ve recently returned from a meditation retreat in India where my mind and body was put through an incredibly intense experience in a quest to find inner calmness. There were 50 others on the retreat but interaction through speaking or eye contact was completely prohibited, a practice which was called the Noble […]

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Aiding in the mobility of our elderly pets

As with ourselves in our golden years, our pets too can show signs of slowing down as they reach their dotage. Generally the most common cause of their decreased mobility is through the degeneration of joint tissue, which in turn can then lead to arthritis. Arthritis is, in summary, a condition that describes stiffness, inflammation […]

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Herbal help to combat fleas

Both internal and external parasites can be a problem throughout the year and fleas and ticks are particularly prevalent during the warmer summer months.  These annoying pests not only  irritate pets, and the scratching caused is tiresome for owners too, but more importantly they can also cause severe skin problems in both dogs and cats […]

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Hydrotherapy for Dogs

Hydrotherapy means using water to treat disease.  In terms of animal treatment the most common form of hydrotherapy is swimming. Swimming has long being recognised as a form of therapy in human medicine as part of rehabilitation from injury or surgery.  The use of swimming or hydrotherapy is now becoming increasingly used as a complementary […]

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Physiotherapy for Dogs

Physiotherapy is a term used to describe the use of physical techniques for the treatment of injuries and physical dysfunction.  The aim of physiotherapy is to restore or facilitate normal function or development. The benefits of physiotherapy in human medicine are well recognised, as proven by the extensive physiotherapy departments within most hospitals.  Physiotherapy is […]

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Chiropractic Therapy for Dogs

A comprehensive article explaining the uses of Chiropractic techniques in animals with advice on where to find a suitable therapist. Chiropractic technique helps the nervous system function properly by ensuring the skeleton is aligned correctly. Chiropractors do this by using adjustments to help the bones align correctly. The body is composed of a network of […]

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Vital Pet Health’s article library provides you with a wealth of information on a range of dog related topics whether it be dog healthcare, dog nutrition, dog diseases or  information on the latest dog products. Our team of independent pet health experts are constantly updating our articles so you can be sure your getting the […]

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