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Aiding in the mobility of our elderly pets

As with ourselves in our golden years, our pets too can show signs of slowing down as they reach their dotage. Generally the most common cause of their decreased mobility is through the degeneration of joint tissue, which in turn can then lead to arthritis. Arthritis is, in summary, a condition that describes stiffness, inflammation […]

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Fat Cats Facts – Health advice from the experts

I am highly concerned about the rising obesity levels in cats here in the UK.  We don’t usually think of cats as being lazy, or obese. They are active free spirits.  Associated with obesity are health complications such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, respiratory disease and joint problems. This article attempts to unravel fact from fiction in understanding […]

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Olympic Pet Special – Cat Agility

Whatever dogs can do, cats can do too. In the case of agility it appears to be true. Cat Agility has been popularised through recent years within the UK yet it started in the United States in 2005. We are not sure it will draw the same crowds as the dog form of the sport […]

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The Benefits of Exercise for Cats

Many of the UK’s cat population are indoor cats and spend little time engaging in physical activity.  Sometimes even cats with access to outside areas adopt sedentary lifestyles. This lack of exercise and mental stimulation can lead to numerous health and behavioural problems such as obesity, lethargy and aggression. This article gives vital information on […]

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Excercise Techiques in Cats

There are many techniques you can use to engage your cat in physical activity. This is especially important in cats that predominantly live indoors since they very rarely have their exercise needs met.  Try some of these techniques to give your cats the healthy happy lives they deserve. (more…)

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Articles on Cats Vital Pet Health’s article library provides you with a wealth of information on a range of cat related topics.  Whether it be cat healthcare, cat nutrition, cat disease or information on the latest cat products.  Our team of independent pet health experts are constantly updating our articles so you can be sure […]

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