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Fat Cats Facts – Health advice from the experts

I am highly concerned about the rising obesity levels in cats here in the UK.  We don’t usually think of cats as being lazy, or obese. They are active free spirits.  Associated with obesity are health complications such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, respiratory disease and joint problems. This article attempts to unravel fact from fiction in understanding […]

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Constipation in Cats

Feline constipation is encountered relatively commonly in veterinary practice, with many possible underlying causes. This pet health article is intended as a resource for owners seeking further information, discussing what some of these causes might be, explaining the importance of seeking veterinary attention, and detailing how constipation might be investigated and managed. What is Constipation? […]

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What dangers can Spring bring to pets?

  Cases of poisonings in pets are often associated with the Christmas period, but Spring also has its dangers. Several flowers can be toxic to your pets so it is important to avoid them and know what signs to look out for. Bluebells Bluebells are common spring flowers seen in British woodlands. Dogs are usually […]

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Kidney disease in cats

  The kidneys are important organs: they are involved in waste removal (urine production), control of blood pressure and even the creation of new red blood cells. There are two types of kidney disease: acute and chronic renal failure. Both can have different causes and need to be managed differently. Acute renal failure As the […]

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Cat Castration Neutering your Male Cat

Whether to castrate your kitten or cat is a big decision. Many owners are unsure about what to expect, what the procedure entails and at what age to perform it. This article looks in to all these questions and gives a thorough overview of the procedure and all its advantages and disadvantages. There is also […]

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Bereavement – coping with the loss of your pet

The death of a much-loved pet is an emotionally stressful time when tensions often run high between family members and relationships are stressed. Feelings can be confusing and the sense of grief overwhelming. A clearer idea of events surrounding your pets passing can be a first step on the road to emotional recovery along with […]

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First Aid for Cats

You can never predict an emergency but you can always be prepared. Remember First Aid can save lives! Keep your First Aid kit well stocked and familiarise yourself with the emergency plans below. Our vets have put together an A-Z guide of some of the most common emergencies you are likely to encounter. (more…)

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Dental Care in Cats

Paul Manktelow.  Dental disease is one of the most common problems that veterinary surgeons face in practice.  It can start in animals as young as two years old and progress as the animal ages.  Severe forms of dental disease can result in infections through the body and even kidney and liver disease.  The most common […]

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Articles on Cats Vital Pet Health’s article library provides you with a wealth of information on a range of cat related topics.  Whether it be cat healthcare, cat nutrition, cat disease or information on the latest cat products.  Our team of independent pet health experts are constantly updating our articles so you can be sure […]

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