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Boarding Kennels and Catteries-How To Guide

Not all pets are able to travel with us every time we need to take a leave of absence, whether it be a holiday or family event. On those occasions it can be confusing about what and where our pets should go to be safely cared for during that time. Here is our quick guide […]

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TV Vet Paul’s Moral Guide to Neutering

Happy Monday readers! Did you see our Vet Paul Manktelow’s article in The Times on Saturday? Paul will be regularly writing features for The Times and we will keep you updated on these should you miss them. If you missed last weeks article here is a summary of his personal guides and views on why […]

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Bengal Tiger

8 Amazing Animals at Risk From Wildlife Crimes

The National Geographic have published some wonderful images of our endangered animals. Illegal wildlife trafficking is a multibillion-dollar-a-year business with ties to organized crime and terrorism. In an effort to combat this threat to wildlife, the United Nations General Assembly declared March 3 World Wildlife Day. This year’s observance highlights the need to “get serious […]

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cat fights

Cat Fights – Cat Bites

Cat bites are responsible for the majority of infected wounds seen in cats seeking veterinary attention. These are usually sustained during fights between these very territorial animals. The most territorial of these are the entire Tom cats who also roam to expand the area of their territory. If you have an entire Tom who is […]

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obese cat

Fat Cats Facts – Health advice from the experts

I am highly concerned about the rising obesity levels in cats here in the UK.  We don’t usually think of cats as being lazy, or obese. They are active free spirits.  Associated with obesity are health complications such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, respiratory disease and joint problems. This article attempts to unravel fact from fiction in understanding […]

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Kidney disease in cats

  The kidneys are important organs: they are involved in waste removal (urine production), control of blood pressure and even the creation of new red blood cells. There are two types of kidney disease: acute and chronic renal failure. Both can have different causes and need to be managed differently. Acute renal failure As the […]

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Cats and the Law Photo

The law and your cat

As a cat owner, you can’t be expected to be an expert in relation to the law as it applies to you and your cat but it’s useful to have a general understanding of the legislation that may be relevant to you (e.g. should your cat toilet in a neighbour’s garden, are you inadvertently doing […]

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The cat – 8 things you might want to know…

8 interesting facts about cats….. 1. Micids, weasel-like, primitive, prototype carnivores, gave rise to cats, dogs, raccoons and bears. 2. One common ancestor passed on a genetic anomaly to all living cats, which prevents them from tasting sweetness. 3. There are distinctive differences between the different branches of the feline family tree;cats from the Americas […]

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What do domestic cats have in common with wild cats...

What do domestic cats have in common with wild cats…

Domestic cats are still very close to their wild cousins and there are many things to remind us of this. Cats evolved in hot deserts and even shaggy-coated cats living for generations in a cold climate still have adaptations to heat, such as ability to concentrate urine and drink little.Hunting instincts are strong and an […]

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