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What are the characteristics of domestic cats….

The domestic cat is one of the best loved pets around the world, yet how does it compare to it’s ancestors? Communal Living Whilst most cat species are solitary, domestic cats, like lions, are capable of sharing resources and forming bonds with each other.Female cats will even cooperate together to rear kittens, pooling litters into […]

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Why were cats so important to sea traders….

Just as the African grain stores and the Egyptian temples had been key to the cat’s transformation, so were the ships of the Phoenicians. These people were great sea traders sailing all around Europe in boats propelled by galley slaves.One of their great strengths was realising that cats were as vital to successful seafaring as […]

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Why were cats important to the Egyptians….

Cats in ancient Egypt were worshipped and prized for their work as pest-controllers, their high fertility and their resemblance to lions the most powerful beast. They became increasingly important in religion, with the cult of the cat goddess Bast elevating their status to sacred.During this time it became common practice to keep cats confined for […]

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Why do we have domestic cats...

Why do we have domestic cats…

The Domestic Cat developed as a new species around 5000 years ago when some of the tribes of North Africa gave up their nomadic existence and settled on fertile land to farm. The excess grain they stored attracted mice which in turn attracted the African Wild Cats who hunted small prey.The easy prey suited the […]

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First Aid for Cats

You can never predict an emergency but you can always be prepared. Remember First Aid can save lives! Keep your First Aid kit well stocked and familiarise yourself with the emergency plans below. Our vets have put together an A-Z guide of some of the most common emergencies you are likely to encounter. (more…)

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Articles on Cats Vital Pet Health’s article library provides you with a wealth of information on a range of cat related topics.  Whether it be cat healthcare, cat nutrition, cat disease or information on the latest cat products.  Our team of independent pet health experts are constantly updating our articles so you can be sure […]

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