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A Street Cat Named Bob-A must see movie

Based on the true events novel by James Bowen, this feel good story has been beautifully brought to life on the big screen. We highly recommend getting to your local cinema to watch this heart rendering, awe-inspiring movie. If you haven’t been lucky enough to read the book, here is the trailer to give you […]

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Time to get into the festive spirit……

Now that Bonfire night has been and gone and just 6.5 weeks to go until Christmas we feel its time to get our viewers in to the festive spirit. What better way than a video of a pair of funny festive felines. Seeing as we have had a very celebrity themed week meet this comedic […]

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Bengal Tiger

8 Amazing Animals at Risk From Wildlife Crimes

The National Geographic have published some wonderful images of our endangered animals. Illegal wildlife trafficking is a multibillion-dollar-a-year business with ties to organized crime and terrorism. In an effort to combat this threat to wildlife, the United Nations General Assembly declared March 3 World Wildlife Day. This year’s observance highlights the need to “get serious […]

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cat fights

Cat Fights – Cat Bites

Cat bites are responsible for the majority of infected wounds seen in cats seeking veterinary attention. These are usually sustained during fights between these very territorial animals. The most territorial of these are the entire Tom cats who also roam to expand the area of their territory. If you have an entire Tom who is […]

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Kidney disease in cats

  The kidneys are important organs: they are involved in waste removal (urine production), control of blood pressure and even the creation of new red blood cells. There are two types of kidney disease: acute and chronic renal failure. Both can have different causes and need to be managed differently. Acute renal failure As the […]

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Cats and the Law Photo

The law and your cat

As a cat owner, you can’t be expected to be an expert in relation to the law as it applies to you and your cat but it’s useful to have a general understanding of the legislation that may be relevant to you (e.g. should your cat toilet in a neighbour’s garden, are you inadvertently doing […]

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cat scratching

Cat Scratching Behaviour

It can be very frustrating to own a cat who scratches the furniture or other parts of the home. The key to tackling this behaviour is to firstly understand it. Our resident feline behaviour expert Sue Hartley BSc MSc CPsychol takes you through this common problem step by step giving you all the information you […]

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SueHartleyHuntImage 5

Cat hunting, why our feline friends bring “presents” home

Introduction This article explains why cats hunt, how they hunt, and what owners can do to reduce the impact of their cat’s hunting on local wildlife, whilst also providing an outlet for this natural feline behaviour. Why cats hunt? Cats are mammals like us, however, unlike us, cats are obligate carnivores and must eat meat […]

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Cat communication

Cat communication – the ways cats “speak”

  Cats communicate with other cats and people in a number of different ways.  Their communication is complex and is visual, vocal, smell and touch based.   Feline body language can be very subtle such that we often don’t pick up on what a cat is trying to communicate.  Also, because of its’ complexity, it’s […]

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