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Two small ferrets in a basket together for a cute portrait.

Ferrets-What You Need To Know

Ferrets can make wonderful companions but, as with all pets, it is vital potential new owners are aware of their specialist needs. These wonderful creatures have been domesticated pets for thousands of years, proof of this has be found in Egyptian tomb hieroglyphics! The ferret’s ancestry originate in parts of Europe, Asia and North Africa […]

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The Pet Guinea Pig – 12 things you might want to know…..

The guinea pig, whether it’s our children’s love of all things fluffy or a parent’s joy for such a low maintenance pet, either way there are thousands up and down the country so it’s about time we gave them a little attention. Their docile nature, responsiveness to handling and feeding, and the relative ease of […]

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Dog backlight silhouette in sunset

How To Prepare For Euthanasia

Nothing can fully prepare an owner for the sad eventuality of their pets passing. As a pet bereavement counsellor it still surprises me just how many people have never had to put a beloved pet to sleep before. Some may have a memory of an old family pet being “put down” but no knowledge of […]

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Bearded Dragon Sitting on Wooden Log

Bearded Dragons-10 Need To Know Facts

These delightful reptiles are some of the UK’s most commonly kept members of the lizard family. Here are some key facts to help improve your knowledge of these fascinating creatures. Bearded Dragons, most commonly known as Pogona Vitticeps, originate from Australia. Bearded dragons are called “bearded” because the spikes and scales they have around their head resembles […]

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Degus-The Important Facts

These adorable little furries are seeing a resurgence in popularity, so we thought we would enlighten our readers to all the important things you may need to know before you adopt! Degus originate from Chile, South America, and although they look a little like a large gerbil, they are in fact more closely related to […]

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Rat as pets

RATS to THAT! Rats make Brilliant Pets – Vet Top tips

Rats aren’t your usual pet.  We have top advice from vets. Does you pet have any of these symptoms? The typical ‘sick rat’ appearance, of a hunched back, unkempt hair and loss of appetite and thirst is described, as a non specific sign of disease. This article looks at each body system one by one […]

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hamster pets

10 facts you may not know about hamsters

There is more to your pet Hamster than meets the eye.   Here are 10 lesser known facts about these fabulous little house pets.  Hamsters are fantastic first pets, they are easy to look after and brilliant for children to learn how to successfully care for an animal. The Golden or Syrian Hamster is the […]

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Rabbit care

The Pet Rabbit – 15 things you should know….

Around the world rabbits are seen as the perfect pets. Lively characters with a playful nature can mean that they bring big personalities into a home. Combine an inquisitive and affectionate nature with the huge variety in breeds, colours and coat types. It is no wonder why there are an estimated 1 million pet rabbits […]

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Taking care of hamsters …

Hamsters are one of our most popular small pets. They are entertaining, fairly easy to look after and you don’t have to take them for a walk. They come in a variety of sizes, colours and coat lengths including the Syrian or Golden hamster, the Dwarf Campbell Russian hamster, the Chinese and Roborovskil hamsters, and the Winter White Russian hamster. There are […]

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Sugar Glider in the wild

16 facts about Sugar Gliders

These terrific pets certainly aren’t for everyone. Sugar Gliders do take a bit of research into how to offer them the best home. Consideration whether you’re truly able to care for these magnificent creatures. However for the more adventurous (with extra time on their hands!) we’ve sourced a few nuggets of information about these marsupials […]

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