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Re-Homing Ex Battery Hens

If you are thinking of keeping chickens then this article is a must read and will give you an insight into rehoming ex-battery farmed hens.   Avid enthusiast Jo Barlow offers this comprehensive step by step guide on how to get started with these wonderful pets. As countless recent media reports will inform us Britain […]

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Red Mite in Chickens

This article, written by poultry expert Tim Daniels, describes the common parasite of chickens Red Mite. One of the biggest problems of poultry keepers and if left untreated, these infections can spread amongst birds rapidly with potential fatal consequences.  Find out how to identify this troublesome parasite and how to eradicate it! (more…)

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A Guide to Keeping Chickens

This week our featured article is all about keeping chickens.  Growing in popularity with both town and country folk… we thought we’d find an expert to give you an overview of what it entails to keep chickens.  Our author Tim Daniels has been keeping poultry for years and runs a poultry information website.   Now […]

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Small Animals

Articles on Small Animals Vital Pet Health’s article library provides you with a range of information on small animal health issues. This range of animals can make great pets providing you can meet their differing needs. Our independent health experts have experience with Rabbits, Rats, mice, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Ferrets, Chinchillas and a whole range […]

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