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DinDins – The natural & ethical way to aid cats and dogs digestion…

This month we have searched the latest pet products and have stumbled across DinDins. This new company are part of the pet care trade association and have already gained the ethical award for good practice. DinDins is aiming to help your pets digestion the natural way by introducing naturally raw products into your pets diet.

What they say about themselves…..


Din Dins Natural Pet Nutrition are experts in raw food supplements for cat and dogs. Made with wholesome ingredients such as Cranberry, Bilberry and Flaxseed, Din Dins transform mundane moggy meals and dull doggy dinners  into nutritious dishes in seconds. Adding vital trace vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, probiotics  and  enzymes, that are lacking in processed pet foods. Din Dins supplements work wonders with bad breath, itchy skin, digestion, joints, oral health, weight management, immunity and more.

Easily added to your pet’s every day food and loved by even the pickiest of pets!

To purchase DinDins for dogs……. Click here

To purchase DinDins for cats…….. Click here

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