Fun at the National Pet Show 2016

Wow what a weekend!!

So this weekend gone was the National Pet Show at the NEC in Birmingham. This is the third year this fantastic event has visited the NEC and it’s not hard to see why it is so popular.

The National Pet Show plays host to a number of fantastic events including performances by the talented Lucy Heath and her companion the fabulous Trip Hazard. It also gives visitors the opportunity to meet celebrity pets and professionals alike. There is something there for every pet owner from dog lover to reptile fanatic!

Whilst there I had the honour and pleasure of awarding two very special awards to two very specials dogs.


First was JJ a 3 year old German shepherd who was awarded a special award for bravery alongside his handler PC Wayne Mellings. JJ was aptly named after a very brave man who was a British soldier tragically killed whilst fighting in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan.

JJ and PC Wayne Mellings

JJ, PC Wayne Mellings and Paul

JJ and his handler attended a call to a 15 year old girl who had been robbed of her iPhone at knifepoint in Saltley, Birmingham, last December.

PC Mellings and his canine companion set off in pursuit of the teenage suspect where JJ managed to follow the scent to a commercial estate that lead to some bushes where the suspect was hiding in the undergrowth. He was still holding the young girl’s mobile phone along with several other stolen goods and the knife he had used to carry out his thefts.

Without JJ one shudders to think that this criminal could still be roaming the streets and JJ’s bravery along with all service dogs and their handlers should be recognised and rewarded.


Next up was Ted. Now sadly Ted could not be with us as he had passed away from a sudden serious illness. This was a posthumous award of a different kind. This award reminded me of something which on occasion gets forgotten and needs recognising and that is the importance of the devotion and companionship man’s best friend provides.

Ted belonged to a man called David who suffered from mental health problems meaning he found it very difficult to leave the house and socialise with others. Ted as his companion helped him to go out and about and allowed David to interact more easily with those around him, which has in turn led to important life long friends.

Ted has also inspired and given David the confidence to go on to pursuing a career in pet photography. David will be specialising in photographing those important pet-owner moments depicting the importance of pet companionship. Ted was a very important friend to David and like many pets provided that much needed support and company. I wish I could have met this special boy and I was honoured to have been able to present this award to his lovely owner David.


Ted’s owner David and Paul

David has a just giving page raising much needed money for the PDSA. Should you wish to help contribute towards the cause please click on the link below with our eternal gratitude.

David is also hosting a photography exhibition in order to continue raising funds for the PDSA and to further increase his photography skills. Please click on the link below for more information and how you can get involved.

The National Pet Show hosts two weekends of fantastic fun at the Excel centre in London and the NEC in Birmingham. We will post the dates and how to get your tickets when the dates have been issued for 2017. I hope to see you all there!

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