HIIT work outs for you and your dog

I stumbled onto the HIIT workout craze a year ago and have been hooked ever since.  HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a form of exercise where you blast your body with short bursts of intensive activity to intermittently raise your heart rate.  It’s great at improving your fitness, burning calories and trimming down the waistline. I’ve also found that doing HIIT 2 or 3 times a week gives me more energy during the day and even improves my sleep quality at night. 

But HIIT is not just for humans.  It’s perfect for dogs too!  Even more exciting is the fact you can easily adapt HIIT sessions so that both you and your dog can do them together.  Both of you reaping the benefits of a great workout while having loads and loads of fun! 

One of the reasons dogs love HIIT style exercise is that it’s actually very similar to how they naturally play.  Short bursts of exciting and stimulating activity that engages them and really wears them out.  Well exercised dogs are generally happier, healthier and much better behaved. 

Designing your own HIIT workouts for you and your dog is easy as long as you stick to some simple principles.  

  • Alternate bursts of activity with periods of rest
  • HIIT sessions should initially be 20 minutes maximum 
  • Start with short exercise (30 seconds) and longer rest periods (45 seconds) 
  • As fitness levels increase you can shorten the rest periods
  • Define some visual cues for rest periods (for example, stand still with eyes down)
  • Use an exercise app with an alarm so you can hear the transitions between exercise and rest

Starter HIIT for You and Your Dog

‘Chase me’ : 30 seconds

Rest and walk back : 45 seconds

‘Football kick about’ : 30 seconds

Rest and walk back : 45 seconds

‘Throw ball and chase’ : 30 seconds

Rest and walk back : 45 seconds

‘Tumble wrestle’ : 30 seconds

Rest and walk back : 45 seconds

Repeat cycle 4 times 

This is is just to get you started with HIIT, I’ll be building this series throughout the year for those of you who want more ideas. 

Disclaimer: HIIT is a high impact exercise so it’s not suitable for older dogs or those with any joint of bone conditions. It is dangerous to attempt HIIT workouts on hot days. If you are concerned about trying any new exercise with your dog then speak to your vet.


Paul Celeb Vet

“This post was brought to you by our very own expert Paul Manktelow. Paul has a wealth of veterinary knowledge and experience and continues to pursue new innovative ways and ideas for pet owners to involve their pets within their day to day life”.

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