Hypo Hounds; An Inspiring Charity

Following on from our TV vet Paul’s fantastic weekend at the National Pet Show, we wanted to enlighten our readers about this fairly new, but very special, charity. Paul presents the PDSA Heroic Hounds awards, one of which went to Teddy, a pet Labrador, who has received some very unique and lifesaving training via the charity Hypohounds.

Teddy and Phoebe

Teddy is the best friend and life saver of 7 year old Phoebe. Phoebe has brittle Type 1 diabetes and with the help of Hypohounds, Teddy is able to alert Phoebe’s parents when her blood sugars rise or fall dramatically. With the support of a diabetic alert dog, this dramatically reduces Phoebe’s risk of experiencing a hypo, and in turn provides her family with a sense of security.


Hypohounds was founded in May 2016 and is based in Kent. Its aim is to assist people with brittle Type 1 diabetes whose pet dogs have the potential to become diabetic alert aids. Certain dogs have the required sensitive sense of smell to be able to detect when their owners are having dangerous changes within their blood sugar. This can be when the sugar levels are dangerously low (hypoglycaemia) risking diabetic coma, or when they are too high (hyperglycaemia). By detecting these changes early it prevents serious complications of the disease and what would otherwise result in being hospitalised.

Currently they work with all breeds of dog who are deemed to have the correct temperament and sensitivity to complete the training. Hypohounds use some of the UK’s leading Home Office approved scent trainers and the welfare of both pet and owner will always come first.

There work is inspirational as well as vital, and is just as significant as other assistance dog training. Here is just another example of how our canine companions are truly mans best friend. Please click here to find out more or see how you can help to raise donations, as with all charities, they rely on our help to continue their hard work.

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