Nigel Reed; A reintroduction to one of our experts

Nigel Reed is an author and dog behaviourist with 15 years experience working with dogs with a wide variety of behavioural problems. Nigel passionately believes, and has proven, he can help owners address their dog’s problem behaviour where other training methods have failed.

As Nigel explains in his book ‘The Dog Guardian’, “The biggest problem with our modern day approach to nurturing dogs is that their needs are widely misunderstood. As a consequence, behaviour issues arise and trainers and the internet arm us with techniques to control, distract and tire out the undesirable behaviour without understanding why it occurred in the first place. We wouldn’t do this with children yet it has become common practice with dogs”.

He believes the key to helping dogs is to understand how they see the world and to learn their language. This will enable the owner to first understand their concerns and then communicate that they are making the decisions. His goal is to help 100,000 dogs and he plans to do this through his acclaimed book, online blogs and producing how-to training videos.

Here are video examples of Nigel demonstrating the communication in action with:

A German Shepherd that barks at the door and lunges and barks at other dogs.

Two Chocolate Labradors that pull frantically when out on the walk.

For Nigel’s website go to

We are excited to announce that once a month Nigel will be writing a blog on some of his favourite and most interesting cases. He will also be answering some of those most commonly asked behaviour problems.


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