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Our Monthly competition – in partnership with The Neem Team!

Neem Team OilNot heard of “Neem”? Then you’re missing a trick! If you prefer to avoid using harsh chemical treatments on your pets and around your home, but still like to keep them problem free with their skin and coat in tip-top condition, visit  

Cold pressed from the seeds of the Indian Neem Tree, neem oil has a 4,000 year history of traditional use. Modern science has identified more than 200 compounds within neem oil, delivering  wide ranging benefits that are achievable simply by incorporating neem products into the day to day care regime of pets.

If your pet is a little itchy, or has sensitive skin, this is the range for you. Whilst Neem Team’s products contain natural and organic ingredients, they are also free from SLS and parabens – and 100% Cruelty Free – never tested on animals.

Going natural can be challenging with cats. Neem Oil is safe for cats too, it is a vegetable oil, not an essential oil. The Neem Team offer gentle and soothing Neem shampoossprays, creams, salves and dietary supplements to help protect from fleas and ticks – and suitable for all your pets.

Visit www, today, and open your eyes to the world of ‘NEEM’.

This month’s competition involves you answering this “easy to find the answer to” question – “What type of climate does the Neem Tree grow in?”.  Please email [email protected] or via our Facebook page go to message us for a chance to win a bottle of their oils for you to enjoy and see the results of this fantastic and pet friendly product!  This is to the first 6 customers to answer the question correctly!

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