Paint for cats

Is technology your thing? Do you know where your RAM should go? How to increase the mega bytes while avoiding the dreaded black screen of death? I’m not sure the Vital Pet Health team are experts yet we are all having a go on the latest Ipad App Paint for cats. Yes it’s pointless, yet pointless doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t fun.



Easy step by step guide to making millions on bespoke art:


Step one: Get yourself an Ipad


Step two: Download the “Paint for Cats” Itunes app

Step three: Choose the colour scheme

Step four: Encourage “Tiger” to chase the mouse around the screen

Step five: Print off your masterpiece and sell on E-bay

Step six: Watch the cash role in…….

Okay, it’s not a guarantee to millions yet it will give you some quality time together and what a great talking point when friends spot the masterpiece collection on the fridge. The thing that did amaze us was that the screen was untouched. The creators at Hiccup said that cats seem to know that they can’t sink their claws into the glass. They add that a cat probably wouldn’t scratch any more than your own finger nail. It is still a risk worth thinking about though as a £500 piece of kit with a big scratch down it is not going to be a pleasing site. If you are worried the guys at Hiccup recommend using a screen protector just to be safe.

Visit to see artistic cats in action.

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