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Feeling hot, hot, hot!!

Having just waved good bye to the hottest June for 40 years, could this mean we are in for a long hot summer? Let’s face it, knowing the British weather probably not….yet lets not get caught out. Here are some simple tips to make sure our furry friends don’t over heat as we continue through summer.

Vital Pet Health thought it was time to remind you all of some simple steps to ensure your pets can enjoy the summer sun as much as we do.

Have you ever spent too long in the sun and felt like you were about to boil over? Well humans aren’t the only ones to struggle with the heat. Animals are at as much at risk as humans of over heating (heat prostration).

To avoid this, NEVER leave your pet in the car, even in the shade, for any period of time. Think greenhouse. Before long an unattended car in the sun can turn into an oven. Leaving a small crack in the window is never sufficient ventilation to counteract this sudden temperature rise.

When you walk along the street can you feel the heat rising from the pavement? Well if you can feel the heat from the tarmac, just think how your little friends paws and belly will feel being that much closer to the ground! Try to avoid walking for long periods on tarmac with your pet, why not head to a park or walk on the shaded side of the street to ensure your companion can avoid a tummy roasting or severely burnt paws. An overall better course of action would be to exercise your pets early in the morning or late in the evening when the atmosphere is naturally cooler.

Thinking of heading to the beach for the day? Would you take a parasol to protect yourself and provide shelter from the rays? Well you need to do the same for your pet too. Also, don’t forget we shouldn’t drink sea water and neither should they. Be sure to take plenty of fresh water for your animals to avoid dehydration. Do you rinse off after a refreshing dip in the sea? So must your pets, be sure to rinse their fur free of any salt water.

Back at home give them the opportunity to escape the sun by moving their beds & cages to the coolest room in the house. Thus creating a temporary sanctuary for them in the hot summer months. Just think how grumpy you would get if you were baking all day! Pets with cardiac or respiratory conditions are at a higher risk of having their conditions deteriorate rapidly if they become over heated. Extra care should be taken over the warmer months.

And finally, remember to ensure your pets have access to cold, clean water that’s changed on a regular basis. Placing ice cubes into drinking water is also cooling and refreshing.

These are basic tips but are vital to ensure a safe and happy summer for your pet. Have a great summer Vital Pet Health readers!


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