Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund

The Rabbit Welfare Association & fund is a fantastic charity that works tirelessly in order to raise the living conditions of Rabbits in the UK. Below is their mission statement and objectives……. You can visit www.rabbitwelfare.co.uk to donate and find out more.

The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund aims to improve the quality of life of pet rabbits in the UK



It really is that simple. You can help us to help us to achieve this goal by becoming a member, making a donation or by becoming a RWAF volunteer. Please contact the helpline 0870 046 5249 and start making a difference to rabbits today. 

The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund is run almost entirely by a small committee of volunteers, elected from the association membership. All rabbit lovers are welcome to join us, whatever their political persuasion! We believe in building bridges, not walls and we always put rabbit welfare first.

The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF) is a twin structure that helps rabbits.

The association can be thought of as a club for rabbit owners and anyone else interested in rabbit health and welfare which includes a subscription to our quarterly magazine, ‘Rabbiting On’ which is sent exclusively to members.

The education and welfare work is channelled via the fund, a registered charity (1085689). This arrangement means that donations to the fund are eligible for Gift Aid. This means we can reclaim the tax paid on donations which ultimately means more money to improve the lives of rabbits.


Objectives of the Association


To improve the quality of pet rabbits in the UK by:

  • encouraging the keeping of pet rabbits in conditions that meet the physical and behavioural needs of the species;
  • education of the owners of pet rabbits;
  • promoting veterinary interest and knowledge in rabbit medicine; and
  • supporting rabbit rescue.

Objectives of the Fund


  • to advance the education of the public in the care and ownership of domestic rabbits kept as pets in Britain;
  • to further advance the knowledge of rabbit medicine amongst the UK veterinary profession; and
  • to conduct, or promote the conduct of research and publish the useful results of such research into specific health projects in order to increase understanding of common health problems in domestic rabbits.


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