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Step inside one of the UK’s first Dog Super Centres – Doodley Dogs

dooley dogs bannerThe pet industry is evolving. The new breed of pet business reacts to customers instantly, responding to social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Successful and sustainable projects listen and react to customer needs. If Doodley Dogs Super Centre is anything to go by then competitors beware as they have just raised the bar for everyone in the industry.

A family Affair...

Amy and Jane are identical twin sisters that have a shared passion for all things dog. Growing up in a dog household, life was always about dogs from an early age. Amy, for as long as it can be remembered, requested anything dog related for birthday presents and Jane began walking neighbourhood dogs from the age of 12.

Jane then pursued a career in IT Training, finding herself working for a major blue chip company in London and travelling across Europe, Middle East, Africa and the USA, whilst Amy began training her own dog for Search and Rescue and working for an assistance dog charity training dogs to support disabled persons. From here, Amy started her own behavioural practice working with dogs with all kinds of behavioural problems in and around the South East.

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After a few years, Amy reached a point where she felt she needed to do more to help dogs that were anti-social as well as the dogs that were displaying problem behaviours through boredom. Jane saw a TV programme on doggy day care and together they developed their own centre, a ground breaking, UK first of its kind, pack environment!

Amy has a wealth of experience and has enjoyed many TV and Radio appearances. Jane has an outstanding reputation amongst blue-chip IT companies for her business acumen. Together, Doodley Dogs has been created to provide an all-round outstanding experience for dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Day care services

Doodley Dogs takes every dog and every owner’s trust seriously. We have the experience, passion and expertise to ensure a safe, relaxed environment that is entirely unique.

We have built our outstanding reputation on trust and a guarantee that your dog will find a safe and happy place at any one of our centres.

Every Doodley Dogs centre provides the same high level of care as the original centre.

Specialist services

dooley dogs hydrotherapyHydrotherapy is an excellent way of helping your dog with the following:

  • Strengthening of muscles
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Pain relief
  • Improved circulation
  • Post-operative recovery
  • Arthritic pain relief and mobility
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Spinal injuries




dooley dogs agility room

Behavioural services

Do you need help resolving your dog’s anti-social behaviour? Doodley Dogs can help with all issues, including:

Excessive barking
Pulling on the lead
Jumping up
OTT behaviour


Residential rehab service

We are able to take on severe as well as mild cases, for residential rehabilitation and also offer residential day camp for owners who would like their puppies or adult dogs to spend some time each day improving their skills and obedience and their behaviour around other dogs.


dooley dogs brighton suite dooley dogs temple suite


Activities and training services

At Doodley Dogs we feel socialisation is the most important part of a dogs life.

Socialisation can be meeting with other dogs and people, experiencing new environments as well as learning activities and skills.  The more you socialise and challenge your dog the more you know about him and the closer your bond.

A dog bonds strongly with a steady handler who guides him through new experiences.

We have evening Puppy Courses at both Storrington and Shoreham so please contact the appropriate centre to book your place!

Group Classes

dooley dogs matt and leonJoin our group classes and challenge your dog to something new.

We offer agility, puppy and obedience classes most evenings at the Storrington centre.  Our puppy socialisation course runs for 5 weeks, teaching basic skills on location as well as in the arenas.

At the Shoreham Super Centre we run 5 week puppy training courses, ringcraft classes and obedience courses. Please contact Shoreham for more details.

Contact the centres to book your space!


Group Walks

The walks are designed for all sorts of dogs and their owners, A lot of the dogs who come along on the walks have recall problems and we find they benefit from running with the pack…. (the other dogs return to the owners when called and this can greatly help any that aren’t as focused), We also have quite a few dogs and puppies who need to learn social skills and how to behave around other people and dogs.

Some people come along on the walk to simply experience walking their dog with 10 to 30 others.

The walks are currently only available through the Storrington Centre


Doodley Dogs currently has two centres at Storrington and Shoreham in West Sussex. If you would like to join the Dooley Dogs family please get in touch to talk about franchising options in your region. Doodley Dog contact form.


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