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A Tale of Frank the Frenchie

We at Vital Pet Health feel it is important to occasionally feature our readers pets. Especially when their veterinary tales may benefit other loving pet owners. To start with we would like to introduce you to Kirsty, who would like us to tell you her beloved Frank’s tale of injury and recovery.

Once upon a time lived a very handsome cheeky French Bulldog named Frank……

Frank is a very lively and active cosmopolitan 6 year old with boundless energy and huge penchant for fun. In the 6 years he and Kirsty found each other, Frank has travelled far and wide and enjoys running and has quite the party piece….his ability to jump a 3 foot fence! Frank loves everyone and is in every way the spoilt and well cared for companion every dog should be.

On the occasions Kirsty could not take her beloved friend with her, he would go into boarding kennels for a short while. Unfortunately on one of these occasions Frank’s boundless energy and show jumping ended in disaster! He started showing neurological signs with a loss of some hindlimb function and an abnormal gait which made his vet suspicious of a spinal disc injury. Kirsty comments ” I think his back injury has come from both jumping on his back legs up at strangers to say hello or to get treats from the Dog walker. He is very athletic and throws himself round like a Gymnast but he’s actually got the Physique of a Shot putter and the contrast doesn’t work well! “

Part of Frank’s treatment plan was that he was required to undergo strict cage rest…….

So the next challenge was how was she to keep her extremely busy and excitable boy well rested? A problem I am sure many pet owners who have had to cage rest their active pets have faced. Understandably Kirsty was anxious to see her once very lively boy having to be caged. “It was devastating seeing my fit and healthy frenchies health decline. However as he’s quite excitable it was a challenge to keep him still. Caging him, although it was sad to see, was the best thing for him. I needed to make sure he didn’t see the cage as a ‘punishment place’ so I regularly got in the cage with him and made sure to give him treats and feed him in there.”

Other things you can do to reassure a cage resting pooch is to provide the same bedding and soft toys to keep a familiar scent and surrounding. Nutraceuticals such as nutracalm may also help to naturally relax your pet without sedating or disorientating them.

We are pleased to report that Frank is progressing well in his long road to recovery and we will keep you updated with any developments. Many injuries such as Franks cannot be cured with just a simple course of pain killers or antibiotics. They can take time and effort and be frustrating for both pet and owner. Be assured that if you have been or are in a similar situation, your perseverance will be rewarded ten fold when your dear companion is back to full active health.

And here he is living happily ever after xx

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