The cat – 8 things you might want to know…

8 interesting facts about cats…..

1. Micids, weasel-like, primitive, prototype carnivores, gave rise to cats, dogs, raccoons and bears.

2. One common ancestor passed on a genetic anomaly to all living cats, which prevents them from tasting sweetness.

3. There are distinctive differences between the different branches of the feline family tree;cats from the Americas have one less chromosome, only the big cats can roar and cheetahs’ claws are uniquely non-retractable.

4. Archaeological evidence shows that 3000 years ago a parallel domestication of cats occurred in the ancient cities of Pakistan’s Indus Valley.Centuries later trade routes opened and the two groups of cats mixed.

5. Although it is often stated that killing a cat in ancient Egypt was punishable by death, they were also bred for ritual sacrifice.

6. Jungle Cats (Felis Chaus) were also present in the Egyptian temple and could have interbred with the other cats.

7. The ‘Founder Effect’:the first individual cats to arrive in a new place passed on traits to their offspring that became more common in the new populations than they were in Europe.For example, poldactyly or extra digits, is disproportionately common in east coast America.

8. Cat colours or patterns are most common in the area of the world where the original mutation took place, for example the highest density of colour-points are found in Asia.

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